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Thread: Super Clen

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    Super Clen

    I Need Help In Making A Cycle. I Dont Even Know Where To Start

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    Welcome to AR.

    You should first take a gander at the Educational Threads forum. Over there, you can find excellent threads on how to start a cycle, be it anabolics or clen .

    Usually, it takes months to read the education threads pertinent to you...after you have done that, then you can construct your own cycle and then post here for people to analyze.

    It is usually not a good idea to ask open-ended questions like "make me a cycle" or "what should i do to get buff?" Instead, close-ended and directed questions will get more attention from the vets on this forum.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIGHTGUYROC
    I Need Help In Making A Cycle. I Dont Even Know Where To Start
    you can start by useing the search button for the componds your intrested in...if you dont know any try these...test enthanate or cypionate or propinate, EQ or Equipose, Clomid, Nolva, PCT and so on...that should keep you busy for a few weeks...then come to us with a proposed cycle

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    Super-clen will make your heart pound. Be careful.

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