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    help with clomid and nolvadex

    hey guys, i just started my first cycle of 400mg eq and 450mg of sustanon a week. i am going to be running it for 10 weeks and was wondering how much nolvadex and clomid to take. i have heard to start taking the nolvadex at around week 5 and to start the clomid immedially after the first shot. i just need help with how much to take of each one and how long to take each one. thanks guys.

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    clomid is used post cycle. with your cycle - 2 weeks after the last shot. you can use it during your cycle, but it might hinder gains. i doubt you have enough to use it during your cycle though

    nolva - use it when necesary i'd say...

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    If you have been using sus the take clomid 3 weeks after you last shot..300mg day 1 ....100mg. 10 days..50mg..10 days..
    as to nov dont take it unless you have signs of gyno. IE puffy sore nipps...

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    Take the Nolv at 20mg until pain subsides then at 10mg for the rest of the cycle.That is if you suffer from gyno hopefully you won,t need to use it

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