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    takin d-bol 3 weeks in

    right now im in week 2 of 1cc of fina eod and 2cc of enthate e4d. i was gonna start takin 25 mg's of d-bol ed for the next 4 weeks. and then finish up my last 3 weeks of fina and enthate. what do yall prefer.

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    fine needs to be shot ED...thats a waste what you are doing and your causeing your blood levels to go nuts

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    You should have had your cycle laid out before you started... You want to add dbol in the cycle you are already three weeks into? I would save it for your next cycle and plan it all out before you start. You know the old saying... if you fail to plan, you are planning on failing!

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    you are going to be mid cycle and dbol is almost always used to jumpstart because of its strength gains. I would not start it now as the test should be kicking in soon and you do not want the dbol to supress your appetite, which it will, while the test is active in your system. If this is your first cycle all you really need is the test anyway. And like Coldstone said your blood levels of fina are going crazy wo either shoot your 75mg ed or just come off of it.

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    No Limits said that b/c Dbol should be used to kickstart your cycle, not use in the middle. I don't know aboout fina's time but the eth will kick in about a week anyway, save it and use this cycle as a learning experience. Also, i'd make it 30mg everyday for 4 weeks since you'll already have done a cycle.

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