I was just thinking of this and wanted to see what people think. It could be fun.

80mg ED Test Eth: Sept & Oct
90mg ED Fina: Sept & Oct
40mg ED DBol : Sept only
20mg Nolva EOD: Sept & Oct

200-300mg Test Eth: Nov & Dec
10 mg Nolva EOD: Nov & Dec

80mg ED Test Eth: Jan & Feb
90mg ED Fina: Jan & Feb
20mg Nolva EOD: Jan & Feb

200-300mg Test Eth: Mar & April
10 mg Nolva EOD: Mar & April

80mg ED Test Eth: May & June
90mg ED Fina: May & June
50mg ED Winny: June Only
Clen /ECA On/Off: May & June
20mg Nolva EOD: May & June

300/100/50mg: Clomid
20mg ED: Nolva
4000mg ED: Tribulus

HCG : On Hand
Milk Thistle: Threw Out
Detox Kit: After Each Fina Cycle