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    Getting arrested for steroids

    Ok, so i did some searching on this site but couldnt find a good thread about what actually happens to someone who gets caught. Im talking about having 2-3 vials of some test, maybe a few weeks of dbol , and some clomid. Just the average person, not a dealer. In the US, what can one usually expect to get for punishment. I know it deals with a lot of other factors, but just some general info. I have no problem researching so if you have a site that will show me or something along those lines that will help also

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    check this out

    very informative

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    In a cage near you...
    Ur probably gonna get a possession charge and end up on probation on a deference program

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    as long as you only have a small amount (personal use) and have no priors you'll probably just get probation maybe even a fine.

    If you get caught with enough where they can charge you with intent to distribute then your hurtin.

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