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Thread: Diet and Cycle

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    Diet and Cycle

    I'm a 6'3 265 lbs lineman and I am about to finish a 7 week Anadrol cycle (75mg), this was my first time on roids. This summer I want to continue getting stronger but also develop more definition(get cut). I was wondering if there are any particular diets that would be beneficial to my goals as well as some cycle and stacking info.

    Any and all help will be greatly appriciated

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    i'd stick around and do some research since you can definitely come up with a better stack than 7 weeks on only a 17-aa.

    do some research about testosterone and check out the diet section of the board for what other members that have been successful reaching their goals have done.

    we can't just make you a diet and expect it to have to adjust it for your goals.

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