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    Tried other AAS, but now wanna try Oral Winny

    I have tried a sus/decca stack and I had great gains. Now I have a supply of liquid winny, but I may choose to drink it. I plan to do only 6 week cycles until its gone. I think I have about 20 weeks worth. In addition, this is all I plain to take. I probably won't stack the winny with anything for now. I know its better to stack especially if your only taking a oral AAS, but it's all I plan to take for now.

    My questions are:

    1. How much should I drink throughout the 6 week cycle? Should I start out drinking 25mg daily, then increase or should I just go for the 50mg daily, or should I do the 25mg twice a day?

    2. How much time in between the 6 week cycles?

    3. I know injecting is probably more effective than taking orally, but is drinking any different than taking the winny tabs?

    4. What is a good supplement to counter or atleast help out the toxicity of the liver? I heard MilkThistle may help, true??

    5. What is everyones opinion on Clomid, as far as when to take during the cycle? I know it's to be taken at the end of the cycle, but I took it in the past with the sus/decca cycle and I think I may have taken it too late and it didn't help at all. Also, should I take Clomid at the end of every 6 week cycle or should I wait until the end of my entire stretch?

    6. And finally, considering I am only gonna to be drinking the winny, does the risk of liver dysfunction/toxicity outweight the potential gains?

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    im sorry dude, but this seems like a ridiculously stupid plan to me. if you choose to use AS then use it properly

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    Hey PJK015,

    Well that's why I am asking by using this forum. What exactly about this cycle other than not stacking is stupid? Is winny a bad choice for taking alone? Or is it b/c I plan to drink it?

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    If it were injectable it would be one thing, but the orals aren't good alone(hell, injcts even need a buddy (deca ). Find you a better base like EQ, (definitely deca) or something(test preferrably though). Remember, there's strength in numbers. You need to stack, no matter what (unless its test at the minimum). Don't less than an 8 week cycle.

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