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    Who has the best work-out???

    I have created my own work-out plan for the last 2 years i have been workin out and listened to trainers and coachs for the years previous to the 2. I have just picked up a book Arnold's Bodybuilding for men by u know who and the OG of juice my govenor says he splits it into.

    Mon: Shoulders and arms
    Tues: chest and back
    wed: legs
    Thurs: shoulders and arms
    Fri: chest and back
    Sat: legs
    Sun: off

    He bases his routine around the basic lifts and i will add my own.

    My question is do u guys think arnold was working out too much because i have seen work out plans post on this site and some of them look like the Deca only cycle posted on this site also so...

    Plz let me know if u have a better way to aid me in getting huge???

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    I believe that less is more. One day off is not enough rest, and likewise for hitting the same muscle groups multiple times a week. Again, just my opinion. Here is what I'm on right now:

    Sun- Shoulders
    Mon- Off
    Tues- Back 'n' Bi's
    Wed- Off
    Thurs- Legs
    Friday- Off
    Sat- Chest 'n' Tri's

    Light cardio here and there. I'm growing like a weed from this, and I'm only on a Test cycle, no stack.

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    go to the training forum and look up DoggCrapp training, exactly as I spelled it, it is by far the most effecient program for lifting i have ever used and i have seen incredible results in myself and my workout partner, i've been lifting seriously for almost ten years and he just started with me about six months ago, i wish i knew then what i know now

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    Everybody's body works differently. People ridicule and critisize overtraining. Personally, overtraining is very beneficial to me. I actually grow more training 6-7 days a week, busting a 2 or even 3 a day. I just get my sufficient 7-10 hours of sleep and eat a big clean diet. I usually take off a week after 2-3 months of this training, and I've continued to grow. I've now gotten back up to 18 inch biceps at 6.5% bf. Take in mind I took April 2003 - early August off, trained from Middle August 2003 - Early November and exploded into 19 1/4 inch biceps at 9% bf. I took November - January 1 off. Now I've been hitting the gym like a madman. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. I'll be ready for my huge upcoming cycle in 1-2 months.

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    For me this Workout Regime has worked well:

    Monday: Chest and Traps
    Tuesday: Back and Biceps (cardio)
    Wensday: Cardio and Abs
    Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps
    Friday: Legs (quads/hams/calves)
    Saturday: Off (sometimes cardio)
    Sunday: Cardio

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    I was doing:

    sun - off
    mon - chest
    tues - biceps
    wed - shoulders
    thurs - triceps
    fri - back
    sat - legs

    typically 4-5 exercises per muscle group, 3 sets per exercise- 1 warmup, and 2 failure sets.

    works good, i'm sore after every workout.

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