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Thread: My next cycle!?

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    My next cycle!?

    week 1 - 4 30mg thai ED
    week 1 - 12 500mg enanthate
    week 1 - 10 400mg EQ
    week 9 - 12 75mg trenbolone acetat EOD

    2 weeks after last injection with enanthate i start clomid and hcg .

    hcg 2500 units EW (2 weeks)
    clomid (4 weeks)
    day 1: 300mg
    day 2 - etc

    what do you think?? any suggestions?

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    Id run the tren between 6-8 weeks at 75mg ED not EOD. Run the EQ to atleast wk 11 (week 12 being optimal, whcih mean you would have to bump the test up to week 13). Dont run HCG and clomid together.... in fact you really dont neeed hcg for this cycle.

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    Just like consistency but tren needs to be run atleast 8 weeks

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    Seems like a good mass cycle.

    But a few suggestions:

    I would run dbol from week 1-6 instead of 1-4 because enathe is a very slow acting steroid and usually dosen't kick in before after 5-6 weeks. If you stop dbol before the testso kicks in you will actually waste some time of your cycle, and it can be a pretty **** downtrip - trust me

    Run the EQ from week 1-12 as the enathe since EQ also is very slow acting. Cycling it under 12 weeks would not be recomanded if you want the full effect of the drug.

    Start clomid 3-6 days after your last tren injection or it will be a waste since there is still plenty off syntetic test in your body.

    If you think of using hcg I suggest using it the last two weeks of your cycle, would be week 10-12 in your case.

    Also consider runnin some anti-e through the whole cycle 0.5-0.75 ED would probably be enought to keep gyno away and hold bloath down.

    Anyway good luck, whatever you choose to do

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    4 weeks of dbol is fine, 6 weeks is overkill for your the others said run the fina for 6-8 weeks, 4 weeks isnt long enough...I dont think you will need hcg for your cycle, however I would recommend you run some sort of anti-e, preferably nolva or ldex.....Id run something like this...

    wks 1-4 dbol 30mg/ed
    wks 1-12 test e 500mg/wk
    wks 1-11 eq 400mg/wk
    wks 4-11 tren 75mg/ed
    nolva 10mg/ed thoughout
    PCT-start 2 weeks after last test shot, with clomid/nolva
    also you may want to consider bumping up the test to make it higher than the eq and fina so you dont experience and libido problems...good luck...

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    Run the eq and the enanthate both until week 12. I'd start the fina at week 9 and run it through 15. You may also want to consider using test prop eod from weeks 12-15 along with the fina...

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