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    Question about clen dosing and usage?

    I have just bought a bottle of vet grade clen in the bottle with the pump and want to run it with my next cycle. Froming reading in the threads I understand that 1 ml=roughly 25 mcg's. I want to run it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. What I don't understand is do I just take 1 ml per day for the 2 weeks or do I increase the dosage through out the 2 weeks like you do with the tab form and by how much. I have a friend who told me the bottle should last at least 6 weeks. Does that mean 6 weeks of usage, with a 2 week break every 2 weeks? Can you guys help me out?

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    If you had done a search, you would have found this:

    All you need to know.

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