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    (sust+enanth)= ?

    Hi there.
    For you all........ does make any sense to do a cycle with sust, enanthate and some eq?

    The bussines is that I have 11 amps of sust, and Im thinking about doing a 10 weeks cycle, so that sust is not enough.

    Im to get 500mg of test/week; and I cannot get more sust, so what Im trying to do is:

    Mix 1ml of sust and 1ml of enanthate (250mg+250mg=500mg) in the same shringe and inject half of the mixture on monday and half on thrusday, also use 400mg of eq/week.

    Does that sounds crazy for you out there.............???

    thanx for replies.

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    a state of denial
    Sust is a EOD ordeal. 2x a week wont work. Buying more eneth and running it solo or with the eq would be my advice.

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    First cycle? Even if it's not I'd just stick w/ 500enth and 400 eq a week.
    Save the sus or send it to me and I'll make good use out of it :-)
    Here's a good read on sus that'll help you understand what the importance of blood levels are and why sus isn't the best drug for keeping levels stable.

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