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    RK-WTF is going on with these guys???

    I placed an order with RK about 2 weeks ago. I just read a thread about others having problems with them too. I have zero communication with these guys, sent them three emails and nothing. Anybody else out there dealing with the same BS right now??? Has anybody been completely scammed and not have received a **** thing, or have they just been slacking in quality service??? Have never had a problem with these guys in the past. Any info on this is good info

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    yeah, they have been really ****y here lately ive heard...i know theres a board where chem himself personally responds to post....i cant remember which one though, i stay here at AR pretty much...maybe its IBB???...bump for anyone that knows

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    I heard he's refunding $ to ppl that ordered liquids so I imagine he's backed up.
    I don't think he'll screw you cuz he's a pretty good guy.

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    I ordered from them also and it took them over a week just to start processing stuff. It will be the last time I order from them, ****ty service IMO. Plus, I sent them a email and they did not even give any response. i guess i have to figure out what is going on through osmosis..

    I know the products will eventually get here and I am not knocking the guys integrity but the t/a sucks and the communication sucks.

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    RK is no longer selling research chems, plain and simple. He will refund your order if it hasn't alreayd been shipped. Go to and post in the RK section.

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    i just orderd bariostatic water and empty vials and have yet to recieve it

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    research chems are going to be disappearing bros...

    bound to happen after LR bust and other things

    going on... It is after all illegal to sell them... They

    made their $$$ and now it's time to get the **** out...

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