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    Gear gets bad rep. again (and hostility from me)

    I was watching TV and they were talking about some 17yr old kid who died from Depression. His quack (shrink) said steroids hade him depressed.
    I have been taking GEAR for years now and I have never been depressed. Clomid had me moody, felt like I was having a period (I guess).

    OH, after the parents searched the room the found a very very anabolic steroid Deca Durabolin

    O wow, that's very anabolic I think I'll take 30cc right now. Deca aint S%^&!

    Dumb A%^ kids.

    He was trying to exceed his 30lb limit so he took all kind of stuff not mentioned, wow.

    I might die too, steroids are bad.

    F@#$ CBS for putting that on TV. Only had rage on Fina now I have rage on the whole dam thing. Next thing yoou know, Bush will do something else stupid.

    Cant wait to see how much more he will F*&^ up!

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