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    first real cycle, any thoughts?

    hey guys im pretty new to the site, i have been watching and reading almost everynight, thanks to you guys i am much more knowledgable.. im 21 years old, 5'7. 168lbs been working out for about 3 years now, in good shape and cut, looking to put on more bulk and lift heavier.. btw diet is good too...what do you think?

    wk 1-5 30mgs thai dbol ed
    wk 1-12 350mgs qv test enth
    wk 1-12 20mg nolva
    clomid 300mg day 1, 200 days 2-11, 100mg 10 more days

    btw i have experimented with dbol when i was 18 liked the small gains i had just on that.. man i wish i knew more then!

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    I'd cut the dbol down to 4 weeks, and up the test to 500mgs per week.
    Go 10 weeks total.
    Other then that looks good to me.

  3. go ahead and run the nolva all the way through PCT

  4. oh yea good luck too bro!

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