whats up everyone im currently on my 4th cycle im doin ttokoy eq at 500mg a week im shootin it all in one shoot is this ok or should i spread it over the week i am also doin winny 50mg a day for 5 weeks i currently have a fina kit i wanted to kno how many pellets i have to add to make it 75mg/ml also should i add it to this cycle or wait for a later date thanks everyone
my stats are 6ft 215 315 incline for 6 reps love mass only doin eq winny cause my body fat is kinda high like round 11 or 12 so i wanna harden up a lil then when i do my next mass cycle ill stay a lil leaner also im doin site injections with the winny curently in my triceps n sholders has ne one ever shot it in there abs thanks again