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Thread: Cycle critique

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    Cycle critique

    Hey guys, I posted this awhile ago and only a few people gave me input so here I go again. First cycle. Stats: 5'8", 225lbs, 12-14% (been awhile), 22 y.o., training 2 solid years as hard as possible, powerlifting background, diet in check. Looking for lean mass up to about 240 or so and keep most of it, then run a future cutting cycle.

    weeks 1-12 Test E @ 500mgs/week
    weeks 1-11 EQ @ 400mgs/week
    weeks 1-17 Nolvadex @ 20mgs/ED
    weeks 1-12 liquidex @ 0.25mgs/ED
    weeks 14-17 clomid @ 300mgs day one/100mgs days 2-11/50 mgs days 12-21
    (three weeks after EQ, two weeks after Test).

    Shooting 2X a week, Sunday(a.m.) and Wednesday (p.m.).

    Any comments advice or flames, whatever, let me hear em.

    I will explain a few things first though. No d-bol as I have been told by many of the people on hear "NO ORALS, for your first cycle". Some say use orals, but with my power lifting background I am worried about the back pumps and stuff as I have had some pretty amazing pumps naturally so I am afriad that after dead lifting 550lbs I would not be able to walk if I used d-bol. I am choosing to run the EQ because from the things I hear and read and learn from you guys, I feel the benefits will out wiegh the costs. Increased apetite and ability to keep the gains outwiegh the minimal side effects of EQ. SO just let me know what you guys think. Thanks bros!!!!!!!!!!!

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    cycle looks good bro

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    good research! looks great.... good luck!

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