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Thread: comming off

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    comming off

    i need some advice on how much clomid, or what should i take, at the end of my cycle, and how often. i have taken 10 mls of deca 300, 10 mls of test, and i am starting 20 mls of winstrol . please send me any ideas you have.

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    not enough test to fight the sides of deca . You should have planned this better your PCT is just as important as the cycle itself. Which you obviously didn't plan. You will need to ruc your PCT the tried and usually true way. Day 1 300mg days 2-11 100mgs days 12-22 50 mgs. This is not an idea this is the way it should be done. Prepare to be flamed by others. I kept it easy on ya.

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    too bad u didn't plan your cycle well.

    Oh well, always next time, hope you enjoy deca di-ck.

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