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    I sometimes wonder if my use of roids at my age was justified

    I started my first cycle a couple of weeks ago(3). I am 19 years old but I been lifting for a while(accelerating my hormones along the way) and I paid the hardwork in the gym the last 5 years. I am about to be 20 but I have felt mature enough. I am at a whooping 212 lbs now 10 percent bodyfat, 5'10. I felt that the decision was right. I did a lot of research before using them but can my seemlessly early use of steroids be justisfied.

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    well one reason people say to wait until your older/21 is for "mental maturity" purpoes. Alot of young guys dont even know what the hell they are doin. They know nothin about anti e's and pct etc... It sounds like you have researched and actually know what you are putting into your body and the consequences.... good luck with your cycle

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    It is a hard decision to make and usually the waiting until your older speech is more of a better safe than sorry. Just because you are 19 does not gaurantee you will do anything bad.

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