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Thread: winny/eq/prop

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    i posted a question lastnight about running a winny/eq only cycle and i got alot of replies saying that i need to run some type of test. since im not wanting to retain any water and jus want lean muscle mass and not gain alot of weight, will prop stack well with winny and eq? and if so how would you cycle it? thanks for any help and info. you guys are very helpful!

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    prop would be fine.. is this your first?

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    yes that is a very nice cutting cycle. I would run it like this:

    wk 1-15 Test prop 75mg ED
    wk 1-12 EQ 400mg
    wk 10-15 winny 50mg ED
    novla 10mg ED
    start pct 3 days after last prop injection

    However thats a lot of injections and dedications... its 15 weeks because EQ needs to be run for 11-12 weeks. Whats your cycle expierene because thats too much for a first timer.

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