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Thread: Cycle 2

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    Cycle 2

    Im pretty new to steroids but i have been reading these message boards and reasearching for about a year. Im 24 and have been lifting for 6 years mostly through college. Im 5'9, 170lbs, 13% body fat. Im looking to gain some size and hardness to my muscles.

    How does this look

    week 1-8 Equipoise 500mg/wk OR week 1-8 Deca 400mg/wk
    week ??????????????????? week ???????????????
    week 4-8 Primo 300mg/week week 4-8 Primo 300mg/wk

    I was thinking some type of Test(prop, enth, or Cyp???) for the third juice but Im a little skeptical about losing my hair as it receded a little from my Anadrol cycle which was terminated after 4wks. Any suggesstions for a mass gainer which isn't too harsh on the scalp...dbol at low doses??? Also should I substitue winny for primo??? Which is less harsh on the hair. Thanks in advanced.

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    i am pretty sure u want to avoid d-bol if u dont want to loose hair and anavar should also be a good subst. for winny. I dont think Primo shouldnt cause any receding hair problems

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