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    How long do i run clomid this cycle?

    I just got done with a 14 week cycle of Test Enanthate 750mg/week and EQ 400mg/week and i'm about to start pct. I usually run the clomid for 3 weeks in a non deca /tren cycle because i'm not shut down as hard. The difference this cycle is that a week before my last week on cycle i frontloaded 1000mg of deca because i was going to extend the cycle and add a new compund into the mix to spur some growth. I changed my mind about extending the cycle because of money issues. So am i as shut down from that 1000mg shot as i would have been if i did deca the whole cycle? if so then i'll do 5 weeks clomid.


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    you should still be fine with the 3 weeks of clomid.... if you feel that your not fully recovered or your having a hard time then go the 4th week... can't hurt...... I would also use l-dex, nolva, and tribulus to help the recovery process.

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    I have been around a few people that took some serious cycles and the standard 3 week pct wasnt enough. Can't hurt adding a week or so if you dont feel fully recovered, but rememeber fully recovered isnt making gains like you were when you where on.

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