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Thread: Check My Cylce

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    G-S Guest

    Check My Cylce

    First time user, and can't wait to get started. Been pumpin for 2 and 1/2 years, and I am 6' and 215 lbs.

    I have Deca , D-Bol, and Sustanon250, along w/ Clomid and Nolvadex .

    Here is my plan. Tell me what you think, please.

    Weeks 1-4 25mg D-bol, 300 Deca, 400 Sust.
    Weeks 4-5 400 Deca, 500 Sust.
    Weeks 6-8 300 Deca, 400 Sust.

    Then, Clomid. After my last injection for 21 days. I have read on here to wait 2 weeks after last injection, and so forth. Could someone explain the benefit in waiting for me?

    Thanks Guys - GREAT SITE! Lots of info.

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    G-S Guest
    C'mon guys.

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    G-S Guest
    The only reason for taporing is the amount that I have to work with. Better yet, if anyone can come up with something better - I have 3000 Deca and 3000 Sust to work with.

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    G-S Guest
    Help Guys!

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    u want to wait 3 weeks (to start clomid) after last inject b/c deca and sust will still active in ur body.

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