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    I was just recently convinced not to use gear by you guys which i am very happy with. now i am stuck not knowing what to do. i am 21, 185 lbs, work out 4 or 5 times a week. i eat 3500 calories, 250 carbs, 350 protein a day. i still dont see the gains i would like. and of course i take creatine, glutamine, and the vitamins and stuff. i have put on 15 lbs in 2 years. i just wanted some opinions on what supplements i could try. i am always researching and trying to find something and i have tried just about everything. i was hoping for some input from some pros who have been there done that unlike the worthless people at gnc. i want that feeling you get when you are making gains and are so motivated to go to the gym becausae you are getting results. if you have any advice or know something that works please reply. i am up for just about anything. I NEED SOMETHING THAT WORKS????????

    just one other quick question... how bad is it if you get all the protein and calories you need all week and then you take one day off of it all every week or two???

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    Take this to the supplement forum.

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    Creatine would have been my advice. I take creatine stack by twinlab. The combination seems to induce each phase of transport. I feel like im on a cycle if I take up to 5 grams of creatine stack a day. Drink it within 20 minutes after working out. You could even take gram or two in the morning and keep your body saturated. Make sure you are eating, which it seems you are. Train correctly within 6 reps strict movements. On average you will only gain about 5 pounds of muscle per month so dont expect to blow up like youre on steroids but you will get there. Consistancy is the key and stay dedicated. You body will have no choice but to conform to compensate for the strength training.

    Also, try taking this to Swolecat in the supp forum. He is the guru in there. Im sure he will have a wealth of info for you.

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