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    First cycle, should I add Deca or EQ

    Alright I have decided to use test e as the base to my cycle 400 mg a week for 12 weeks. I want to add a little something extra though and am deciding between Deca and Equipoise . I am definetly leaning towards the EQ right now because I am worried about bloating. I know overall more mass is gained with Deca but in terms of lean mass and strength how do they compare to one another?

    Also another question, I was contemplating extending my cycle to 14 weeks and do 10 weeks of bulking and a relatively short 4 week cut at the end (I am about 10% bf right now so I don't need to cut much). If I decide to do this EQ would be the obvious choice right?

    Oh and one more thing if I want to keep fat gain to a minimum should I restrict my calories to 4000-4500? Is maintaining low body-fat possible even when eating huge when on?

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    If you run the EQ you should extend your cycle to 13weeks.

    1-13 test 400mg
    1-12 eq 300mg
    pct and anti-e's

    If you run the deca run it to 11 weeks

    1-11 test 400mg
    1-10 deca 300mg
    pct and anti-e's

    The EQ will give you more vasculinity and the deca will give a little more mass. both will be quality however.

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    I'd run the EQ over Deca .

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