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    Unhappy important question plz reply quick

    hi pals i started using deca since 2 months but i didn't use nolvadex now i am starting to see redish parts on my face that itch me and look bad is that from deca and what should i do?
    if i switch to testosterone will it make the same?/?/

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    if it's like a blushing, it's from your blood pressure being high

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    Nolvadex has no affect on a deca only cycle anyways. You might be having an allergic reaction to novladex or deca. You should be on a test only cycle in the first place. Test is the base for any cycle since deca will shut down your HTPA hardcore and cause sides like testicular shrinkage, lactation in the nipple, shut down of your own test production, seminal decrease as well as impotence. See a doctor.

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    yea poss b/pressure. but let me only ran deca ?

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