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    Deca/Winny Thinking about adding Anavar.

    Hey guys I am currently in week 3:
    wks 1-8 tokyo Deca 400mg once a week
    wks 3-8 winny 50/mg EOD
    wks 10-13 clomid
    Well, I found out my guy can get anavar . What do you guys think? My goal is stength instead of mass...and I know anavar is great for it, and its so safe. This is my first and probably last cycle so I want to get the best of it...but I also don't wanna go overboard. What do you guys think, should I add anavar? Anavar is so popular among everyone...but the info about stacking it with others isn't really as complete as I would like to see...or then again...I haven't had much luck finding info....I wanna get as much info before I make any decision. Thanks guys. This sites been great.

    214 lbs 10%BF 20yr. old
    Eating about 400g of protein and 4,500 cals.
    1000mg of milk thistle
    and all those good good supplements


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    It's not a good idea to add 2 17a AS into the same cycle, the winnie and the var are both 17a and therfore will put more stress on the liver.
    I personally have run two 17a's in the same cycle before, but there was a 4 week layoff between them,but I don't advize anybody to do the same.'
    You'd be better off to add some test into the mix, but it seems a little late now unless you used propionate .JMO

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