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    Question How Are Ttokkoyo Products?

    Guys I Had 2 Bottles Of Enanthate From Ttokkoyo And I Didnt See Or Hear That They Made Such A Product So I Sold Them. Were They Real? Are Ttokkoyo Brand Still Good? Cause I Have A Connect That Has Testonon 250, Enanthate,winstrol And Deca ?

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    Ttokkyo products use to be good...Too much speculation and fakes now...

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    I just got 2 bottles of legit Ttokyo gear. I'l post some pics in the legit forum tonight. I won't be using it until fall though so I don't know how good but my bro gave it the thumbs up.

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    even if it is real,it's sure to be underdosed.that is what they are known for.i wouldnt waste my money on it.

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    First I would like to say that I hate Ttokkyo products. I never got acne that bad from using gear, but when I tried some testonon (Ttokkyo sus) I got bad acne flare ups and they would just bleed and puss and sh!t. My jiu jutsu gi had big, very big, blood smears all over the inside shoulder, arm, and back areas, and I ruined a lot of white t shirts. I was only wearing black shirts to the gym after that. To add to that, I felt like crap all the time and got big deformed looking lumps on my a$$ (they werent the typical round lumps). If you or your source has access to Ttokkyo products, they should have access to better Mex products like Denkall as well, which I would use over Ttokkyo any day.

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