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    arm or buttocks?? does it matter???

    When do you know where is better to inject???

    I am taking tes 200mg twice a week and 300mg of deca a week,
    all in the buttocks

    I have friends that know how to inject into the arm but i do not know if i should inject the tes or the deca or both there.

    does it matter???

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    It doesnt matter. I went into my shoulder in the beginning. When i got too damn big it was hard to reach that spot easily, due to less flexibility. Even though i stretched. I then went into the glutes. Stick it where its easiest to reach and have a steady hand. For me its the glutes now. However its not a bad idea to rotate sites often. I now go in the glutes and shoulder, sometimes ill go in the bi's or forearms just for the hell of it. But it really doesnt matter whether you choose the rear or shoulders.

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    The delts,thighs,and glutes are the main areas follow the link Big Kev posted you,ll be happy then!

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    I use thighs so I can see where the needle is going

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    The quads are by far the easiest to inject. I sometimes use the glutes in front of a mirror, but if find this uncomfortable and often have painful injections.

    Try all major sites and use the one u find easiest.

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