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Thread: Testoprim D

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    Testoprim D

    Hey guys,I am going to try a new test this cycle, its called testopirm D, from what I can tell its the same blend as aratest, what do you guys think about its potency and is it human or vet grade? Thanks, PYRAMID.

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    i got 15 amps form mexico it came in a red box with 3 brown amps in the box, used 750mg 3 shots per week with dbol for 5 weeks then finshed the last 3 weeks with sus-250 redi jects also 750 mg a week, 3 shots per week with dbol got great results. its human grade test e. and test p.

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    Testoprim D is good stuff... 30-50mg d-ball/day with it.... better stuff.

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    Good stuff, Maynard!!! It's human grade, and I've used it before and have a bunch right now.


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