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    diet experts please lend a hand!!!

    ok sorry this is in the wrong forum but nobody will answer me anywhere else. so please help me. ok lets say i need to eat 4000 calories a day. i know the best way to do that is by eating all the rigth foods in like 6-7 meals a day. but how bad would it be if i gor say 2500-3000 calories from protein and other shakes, maybe weight gainer????? just wondering. i mean i would still eat like 3 solid meals a day for carbs and proteins and calories but what about a big liquid diet for some of the meals?? 2500-3000 calories????????????? please give me any feedback u may have
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    Real food is always better...But do what you have to do to get your cals and nutrients. Try 4 meals and 2 shakes(1 being pwo). People have other commitments and can't always prepare a meal but you could go get a cooler, fill it with food, and keep it in your car.

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    i am wondering if i could eat like 2 or 3 meals a day of good food and have a few snacks and get the rest of everything from shakes. like if i got 250 or 300 grams of protein out of a total of 300 as day from protein shakes. like maybe i could have like 5 protein shakes a day and get 1200 calories from that and then get the rest of my calories from 2-3 meals and all shakes like weight gainer and other shakes. I just want to know if i can get the majority of the calories and protein i need from shakes so i dont have to bring food with me to school and work and everywhere i go.

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    50% from shakes & 50% from REAL food IMO is the MOST shakes/MPR's I would do. Bringing food w/ you everywhere is just part of it. Go Buy a nice cooler...

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    Bro - this is a diet forum question - please post in the appropriate forum - this isn't the first time someone has told you this - and yes bring your own food in a cooler - but do whatever you have to to get those calories and nutrients - waste of time training without the right fuel and rebuilding material - best of luck

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