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Thread: back problems

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    back problems

    i recently hurt my back doin squats for like the 3rd time in a couple of years. before u jump on my technique i do go down to parallel and i keep my back straight, looking at the ceiling helps, but i dont use a belt. a while back i read an article out of duke university that did a study on back belts and braces. the study concluded that these items did nothing to relieve stress on the lower back. ive recently shyed away from the squats and just load up the sled but i know i need the squats. i just need some opinions on how some of u guys protect ur lower back. do the belts work for u? should i get one? or should i just shut up and squat!

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    If you are injured Bro - do not squat - rehab first - then work on abs - do reverse hypers - after 6-8 weeks get back on it if you feel able - start with lower weights /higher reps for first couple of weeks - save low rep high weight work for sled - then add weight as tolerated - continue reverse hypers - I never use a belt in training - best of luck Bro - keep us posted

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