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    Cycle for a basketball player??

    I have a friend who is interested in a cycle to increase speed, str and his vertical jumping. He has been training with weights for about 3 and a half years and he is ready to try and make it big time and he is hoping chosing AS is the way to go. He is not a heavy muscle guy because of course the sport does not thrive off it. his stats are 6'3 190 lbs he wants to gain about 15 lbs of good lean muscle with a good str increase. This is what i told him and i'm wondering if halotestin is too much for first time cycle user( he is hoping this to be his frist and last cycle because of testin in the future he wants this to be the jump he needs) should he anavar ?

    wk.1-10 Test 400 mgs
    wk. 5-10 winny 25 mg ed (enough?)
    wk. 1-3 stenox 10 mg ed or wk 8-10???

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    If getting drug tested isn't a concern

    Just have him run Test/EQ

    Plain and simple 400mg of each weekly

    Anavar is good, but expensive he could

    add it to the mix at 25mg to 30mg daily

    Whatever he runs it should be highly anabolic

    mildly androgenic , not reason for hardcore drugs

    for basketball... Look what happen to Alonzo Morning

    He was running some hardcore ****, just look how his

    physique looked in his prime... I would guess Zo ran

    Tren /Test/Winstol as his cycle going by his look...
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