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    My wife wants some prohormone advice

    my wife is a competitive female bodybuilder and is looking to increas her size after npc weight class changes. She has decided to take 19-norandrostenediol. is this effective to stack with 1-testostorone like t-bomb or should it be cylcled off and the t-bomb cycled on. we are nebies to this so any advice would be helpfull.

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    I think she would be better off getting anavar or primo then doing 1-test personally but some may disagree. Have her sign up and ask on the female forum where there are experienced women BB's and powerlifters to help her.

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    yeah have her join the female forum. Im not a big fan of prohormones but i could see why a women would want to use them. A lot say that you still get the sides just not as good results so might as well jump on a good female cycle. I have used prohormones and pretty much didnt have sides or any great results.

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