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Thread: make a cycle up

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    Question make a cycle up

    just wanted to see how u guys would div this up into mult cycles. No previous aas use. stats: 6'3 210 9-10% bf
    10cc : Ttokkyo Deca (300mg)
    20cc : eq ** (200mg)
    20cc : sust ** (300mg)
    100 : winny tabs ** (50mg)
    50cc : t-50 propinate (50mg)

    extras: clomid, armidex and hcg
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    Bro TT deca is 300mg/ml.

    I would run a 10 week simple sust/deca cycle.

    600mg sust
    300mg Deca Mix the deca and sust to ease pain with 1cc of each twice a week.
    Arimidex .5mg ed.

    Clomid 3 weeks out. 300mg day 1/ 100mg 10 days/ 50mg 10 days **HCG is not needed.

    If your gear is legit, you train hard, eat heavy, and rest will............pardon my french BLOW THE !@#$ UP!

    Save the EQ, winny, and prop for a cutter.

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    1-10 deca 400mg or eq 4-600mg not both
    1-2 sust 750mg frontloading
    3-10 sust 4-600mg
    7-12 winny ed
    10-12 test prop 50mg ed

    13 Clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg days 2-11, 50mg days 12-21
    Nolvaldex, proviron , or arimidex /liquidex on hand for signs of gyno.

    Sust and deca should be out of your system by the end of prop so take the clomid 3 days after last shot of prop.

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    What Poppa said but you could throw in some d-bol for the 1st 4 weeks. If you could get the ** 50mgs a day then use them.


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    my bad, typo on the deca its 300mg, like papapump said

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