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    clomid and limp dick

    anyone know if clomid can give you problems with getting wood and supressing libido? My mate swears that taking clomid (2 tabs daily for 7 days and 1 tab for 7 days) has completely ruined his sex life. Does anyone else know of this happenning to them or anyone they know?

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    I doubt it ruined his libido in a direct physiological way. It probably made him an emotional mess and he simply couldn't get it up because he was so emotional/upset/'feeling off'.

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    Keep in mind that clomid is a synthetic estrogen. When putting a synthetic estrogen (which also has a pretty long half life) into the body your test/estro levels will be out of whack (one of the reasons that your body looks to acheive homeostasis and produces natty test again!)......this is enough to give any man limp dick. Good news is, that a week or two (depending on his body & recovery ability) after clomid he should be sportin' again!

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    His assumption is wrong. The reason you take Clomid is to speed recovery of natural Test production. It is most likely that he has simply not yet recovered. Tell him to give it some time.

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    like Testify said, he probably still has a low test level in his body and is still recovering (with the help of Clomid). Personally I was an emotional mess after my first cycle cause i was having problems with my girlfriend, but i just finished a cycle and am about halfway done PCT and I feel completely fine.

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    Yeah, sounds like his injectable test has cleared hins system, and his natural production is not yet back to normal levels. This is just one of the things that sucks about "coming off".

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    clomid can suppress sex drive, it also can increase it. individual reaction depends on a variety of factors.

    btw- its a SERM
    selective estrogen receptor modulator

    individual receptor density and subtype allocation will affect how you respond to it. hence the wide variance in opinions on clomid

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    i am experiencing the same thing i still have 10 days to finish my pct i think the reason why he is feeling like this is he had high test level during the cycle and he felt an above normal sex drive now he is back to normal he feel like he lost some of the sex drive

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