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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    here is my situation, i had to take off 6 weeks from going to the gym, due to a shoulder injury , now from past cycles i did develope a liitle gyno, but once i got more educated i took the proper anti-e to combat this, but i still have a tiny ball under my left nipple that i can feel and notice, lesson learned. now, i have not done a cycle in about 6 months , but i can now see that my chest is sagging a little and my nips are puffy, what is the reason? keep in mind i have a good build , vascular 7-8% bf, etc., could it be that since i stopped going to the gym i am puttting fat on in these areas or is the gyno getting worse, even though i have not done a cycle in months. thanks for all advice.

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    it could be a combination of chest will "sag" slightly when i hit 11% bf or so, but it isn't gyno.

    in all honesty, if you were really 7 or 8% you wouldn't have any sag to your chest unless you really were flabby there to begin.

    maybe you are just disposed to depositing fat in your pectoral region, however if your nips are puffy then it could be that the gyno was never taken care of.

    i'd try to hop back on nolva for a few weeks at a mild dosage of 40mg or so to see if you could decrease the lump any more.

    if it doesn't work, you are probably just depositing fat in these areas. if it does work and the lump decreases, your problems could be from the gyno developing and progressively worsening.

    experiment and see what happens, that is your best bet.

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