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Thread: Clen and ???

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    Clen and ???

    This should probably go in the supp section, but clen is in the middle. I would like some input on what supps would be recommended during a clen cycle 2 wks on 2 off with Xenadrine in between. Some people have said Creatine in other threads, but creatine has a tendancy to aid in retaining water. Any suggestions would be great. I just received my clen and will be stating it on Sunday.

    I am currently 6'3" 280, 24yrs. old. I don't know how much weight I want to loose, but I want to see my abs for the first time in my life. Thanks.

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    Thats it. 2 weeks clen and twoo weeks ECA stack (xenedrine) and lots of cardio. Some people take l-carnitine too, which is supposed to help with fat mobilization.

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    diet and cardio, that is the only way u will see your abs, clen and eca will help but if your diet isnt right, and you arent doing any cardio then u wont see the results your looking for

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    Creatine, protein will not affect your clen cycle...

    Creatine is a cell volumizer, taking more liquid in the cell and allowing it to convert protein better, but is by no means a serious bloat

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