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    Creatine Off Cycle??

    How many of you use creatine off cycle? I have a few questions if you guys don't mind. I searched the supp. section and am having troubles finding answers to my questions. I would post there but most of those guys don't know 1/2 of the sht ya'll do....

    1) I weigh 250lbs. What amt. should I be taking per day?

    2) Is there formula like .03 grams per pound or bodyweight or something to that nature?

    3) Should I cycle it on and off (4weeks on 4 weeks off 4 weeks on etc.)

    4) Loading isnt necessary correct?

    Thanks for your help bros!

    PS- Mods plz dont move this to the supp/. section I dont want those guys feeling like there dumb or something

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    I use it off cycle at 10 gr/ed i am about 20# heavier then you.and i do front load it.always i couldnt tell you if it was nesacerry.i just know i get that full feeling in my muscles around day 5...hope that helps you

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    10 grams per day, loading isnt really necassary IMO, you can split up the ten grams 5 at a time, make sure the two 5 gram doses are 12 hours apart with one of them being post workout for optimum obsorbtion, if you cant space them 12 hours a part make sure one is post workout and the other is as far away as possible ex. if you workout at 5pm, take one dose at 630pm and take on in the am when you wake up

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    IMO i dont think loading is necessary, and yeah 5-10 grams a day, ALWAYS get one post work out. . . .and i wouldnt go with cell-tech, your just paying for sugars, i like TRAC personally

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    I use it. I buy regular creatine powder and make "effervescent" creatine with citric acid/potassium bicarbonate/dextrose. I do load at about 20g of creatine/day for 5 days, then 10g/day thereafter. Some studies had shown taking it as above to be 2X as effective, and it's better absorbed. It's not a big deal to do, and everything is cheap. So, if it's even slightly better, it's worth it.

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    I'll use it a couple month's out of the yr. I prefer just protein creatine alway's gave me the s**** when I used it but yeah like everyone else said don't worry bout the loading phase and don't waste your money on the fancy one's like cell tech etc.

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