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    Cycle for the future...

    If this was going to be my first ever cycle, would it be good enough? I know the doses are very low, but like I said, if this were to be my first, would it still give plenty gaines???

    Weeks 1-4 = DBol @ 20mg/day
    Weeks 1-10 = Deca @ 200mg/week
    Weeks 1-10 = Sus250 @ 250mg/week
    Weeks 13-15 = Clomid @ 300mg/day taper down per day
    Nolvadex , just a little on hand?

    I think this looks okay, it's only two needle shots, unless they are mixed together. Would you inject this in same needle? Like every Wednesday ? Or like every Sunday? Or would you split it into two injections? Wednesday and Sunday for example?


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    Brother i'd bump the doses. The most common stack is deca /test/bol and is usually the starter stack for most newbies. Run the test @ 500mg/week deca @ 400mg and bol @30mg ed.

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    like FI said double everything and you have a killer cycle,some say first cycles the best,why ruin it with low doses?

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