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Thread: Mex. trip

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    Mex. trip

    Ok ya I'm new but been hanging around here for awhile. HI to all but heres the question I'm going to Calif. for a week and taking a trip to Mex. now I have a cus. that lives in Calif. and he's bringing me down there to get some gear now if I bring this stuff over the boarder and hide it in the door panel can dogs sniff it out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteykauai
    no...dogs cant smel AS, and putting in the car is extremely stupid. i dont know anything about mex though.
    yes dont put it in your car, b/c if they suspect anything they will completely take your car apart...and they know ALL of the good hiding places...

    walk some shopping, buy some shirts and gear then go get tipsy and come back later that evening like youve just been visiting all could also drop some mexi kid a 20 and have him take it back across

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    Nope, but that's one of the places that they look when they check cars in Texas border towns. They don't pull the door panel, just check to see if it's been messed with. Same with the console, air cleaner, etc.

    I'm not sure what they check for in the CA border towns.


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    they will rip apart your car if you are pulled over into secondary....stick it in your butt.....they won't look there....i don't know anything either...PM guys if you want methods

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