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    critiqe my cycle puh-leese no seriously i need help lol.

    ok i think i posted this before but i have made some changes in my cycle.

    i have decided that ill be doing a cutter consisting of enanthate oral winny and var. i cannot decide weather to use the winny and var for front loading or backloading. so thats my problem here. my enanthate will be running for 13 weeks at 500 mg. got nolva and colmid ready. is hcg nesessary for a 13 weeker? what i hear is most only do hcg only for 15 weeks and up. so theres a question here.

    i will not use the following. fina prop eq. as for the fina and prop i hate ed injects with a passion and i had a bad experience with eq.

    my diet is strict ive been on ckd for 2 months now no fat burners just diet. lost heaps of weight and ill continue till may where i begin my cycle. so i have 2 more months of dieting to go. laugh at me.. but i just want everything to be perfect. so the cycle can even help me look better. a nice 10-15 lbs of lean mass would make me more then happy.

    1-6 20 mg british dragon anavar (first time anavar user)
    1-6 help me out here for the oral winstrol dose and brand <----!!
    1-13 500 mg test enanthate.
    15-19 colmid 300 mg(day 1).. 100 mg(2 weeks) 50 mg till finished

    or should i just back load it? thing is ill be going on vacation on september 1st.. and i want to be done with my cycle by then. would it be better if i back loaded the anavar/winny from week 8 to 13 too look better on vacation vascularity hardness etc etc? or will theese positive stuff fromt he orals go away after the front load use?

    now.. i have about 30 5mg russian dbols in my stash... waiting to be used. thing is if i do front load the orals from week 1 - 6.. ill be stuck without an oral till week 13 wich is my last shot of test. maybe in those 2 weeks after my last shot of test waiting to start colmid.. i can just use a low dose of those dbols i have to maintain some hardness or lean mass?? ill stop the dbol the next day i start colmid. or would the dbol just be useless?

    i have milk thistle..ala for liver protection.. i have my nolva on hand. i know some of you will say enanthate makes u hold too much water but like i said my diet is top notch so i wont have to worry about that much of water rentation.

    sue me for asking too many questions i have a good lawyer anyways. and hes jewish. so watch out
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    ill bump this for myself.. any opinions out there?

    ok b4 you guys go on saying u cant take 2 17 aa's in one cycle.. this is what ironfist posted in my last cycle post:

    "Cycle looks pretty good...I'd run the eq til week 14 which is when the enanthate will be gone from your system. Why not try some oral winny? You could use it at the same time as the var or the 6 weeks prior. Having 2 17aa's won't be a problem at the lighter dose and those 2 are pretty mild. You'll like the BD var..."

    so anyways i thought why not go ahead and include it.
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    no hcg wont be needed in a 13 weeker

    scratch the d-bols and do it like this:

    1-6 20mg Var ED
    1-12 500mg Test ED
    6-12 50mg winny ed
    start clomid thearapy 2 weeks after your last test injection

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