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    few cycle questions???

    alright i know noone likes to critique cycles but i gota few questions about my next one that ill be running around early april. im looking to get hard lean muscle gains rather than the bloat look for summer... so after reseacrhing alot of the profiles of each one i came up with and checking out my source sheet this is what i came up with

    Ip tren (50mg) 10ml
    qv test prop (100mg/cc)
    cytomel T3 (100 tabs) 25mcg


    Clomid 50mg/ 50 tabs
    nolvadex 20mg/ 50 tabs

    so now im wondering if 1) this sounds like a good cycle to run for the goals i intend to reach
    2) how much of each will i need and how long would you recomend(weeks( the cycle lasts)
    3) should i also add HCG to my PCT
    and 4) how do i plan this out in weeks and or weekly/daily/ or eod into a schedule??

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteykauai
    i am unclear in how much gear you have? on 10mls of tren? thats no where near enough
    i dont have anything yet.... this is what i canm get and the amouints it comes in.... would 2 or 3 10 ml bottles of tren be enough ??

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