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    Amt. of Water on DNP?

    As we all knowwater is a very very important aspect while on DNP . I was planning on drinking as much as possible (like 4 gallons a day since I weight 250lbs). However, I was reading a few posts on water consumption andread that ppl have died because of drinking to much water in a day, their kidneys shut down....WTF!!!!!

    How much water should one drink on DNP or daily in genral? IS there a formula like ..46557 ounces multiplied by your bodyweight?


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    It takes an incredibly high amount of water to cause health problems. I'm drinking about 8-10 litres a day, this being the first day of my DNP , and i don't think i could drink anymore. 4 gallons is a ton of water, all the more power to you if you can do it, but just as long a ur getting 6 litres or so a day, you should be fine. (Assuming you're not going over 400-600mg/day)


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    I would go with at least two gallons a day as a base.

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