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    WTF Happened!!!!!!!??????

    ok so i was shooting in my delt cause i shoot ed and have to rotate spots, i had 2 cc's in the syringe (like i usually do). now i dont know if i injectd to fast or what but when i pulled the needle out this stream of strait oil began to come out of the injection site it ran about an inch and a half before i put my finger over it to stop it, now theres a lump the like the size of a marble. now i wanted to know did i lose alot of product, im just wanting to know if i need to relocate a different spot and do it again. any help is appreciated thank you

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    yup try again..Ive had that happen ists scarry chit..actually more weird than anything
    I f the gear wasnt injected intramuscular then your body cant absorb it properly

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    i wouldnt inject over 1cc in my delts.

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