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    Need help with cycle

    I have done about 4 cycles already and was wondering what is a good bulking cycle. I want to blow up and just get huge in general. I will do a cutting cycle in spring, early summer. I have funds limited to a thousand. I was thinking of running this cycle:

    Test-500mg e.w. Weeks 1-
    Deca -400mg e.w. Weeks 1-8
    Dbol -40mg e.d. Weeks 1-4

    What is the preferred brand of test around here? (have done sust. and omna. previously)
    Also, I am hearing great things about equipose. Is it worth throwing in at a low dose? What dose is suggested? Does it make veins more noticable?

    P.S.- I already know to use anti-e's and such post cycle

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    Long Island
    Sorry guys, forgot to post stats.
    I am 20 years old, 5'11, and I weigh in at 165-170
    For the duration of my cycle I plan to work out one day on, one day off, short and intense workouts with heavy weights. My diet will consist of various clean foods. The break down is as so: Protein-400g a day
    Calories-2800 to 3400 a day

    Thanks in advance for help

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    The original jason Guest
    yes your cycle looks good I would use either or with deca or equipose 400-600mg per week, keep nolva on hand and clomid for post cycle, I like test enanth and it seems to be used by alot its just the consistent levels in the blood i prefer rather then the up and down levels from sust and omna as its pretty uncontrollable with the different esters. If I was cutting I woud go with test prop but on this one stick with enanth or cyp oh yeah i gain fat easy im an endomorph and i needed alot more calories than that i would up your carbs total kcals around 4500 should do it


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