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    Small problem with cycle info

    Iv just ended a 4 month cycle of sust250 about 4 weeks ago. I stop'd to let my body have a rest and to get back to normal again. I have to say i feel great, iv lost some weight but nothing bad. I kinda feel that iv gotten past my recovery stage. Proplem is that i go to South beach in April! My thinking is saying that i can jump back on some test Prop and some EQ and sometime after i get back i wil taper my doses! Taking a good 4 to 5 months off.

    My question is... I would be shooting Test Prop 100mg ED as well as 500mg EQ/wky. Since taking AS with me is SO OUT OF THE QUESTION, how can i run my Test so it will last me the week I am away? Test Prop is run everyday because of its half-life, but what's the longest acting Test that could get me threw a week without shooting? And at what dose would i use?

    My Feeling is i don;t want to break a good cycle because of a trip, and its the beach bro's! Can't be slackin...

    PS I know that 4 weeks is nothing and not enough time for a full recovery, and i fully understand that. I wasn't that crazy with my last cycle, missing days of injection and just letting test levels go up and down. It was a good cycle but poorly run. Sust250 was all that was run, and at lower doses...
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    since your obviously not gonna wait, if your gonna go back on, cyp or enan. would be the way to go since you'll be away for a week

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