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    First time cycle recomendations

    Whats up fellas , although I am new to the boards I have been visiting for a while , seeing all of you guys progressing in this sport has motivated me enough to try a cycle for the first time. I would really appreciate any suggestions on a first time cycle , what I am wanting to accomplish is adding significant size to my 244 lbs frame. My current stats are 244 lbs. at 5'10 , at around i'd say 20% bf. I have been lifting for years and am really interested in making a serious impact.

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    Might I suggest a diet before leaping into AAS use/abuse? 20% is pretty high bro, I wouldn't start a cycle unless I was under 12%, up the cardio a bit and watch the foods you eat.

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    For the very first time cycle
    This is for beginners how to start and be BIG!

    A common one steroid cycle for a novice would be to inject 100mg of Deca once every 4 days for a period of 8 weeks. When combined with a healthy high protein diet, a person can expect to put on a good amount of size and strength. The results a person gets are dependent on a few things like diet, exercise routine, and rest. The most common Deca is the 50mg/ml and 100 mg/ml types. This cycle is based on the 100mg/ml type. A beginner should start with about 200mg/week, and no more than 400mg/week. 1 ML = 1CC.

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    G-S Guest
    A good amount of size and strength from Deca , alone? I'd say about 6 lbs is about all you'd end up with, bro.

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    1st cycles

    The most common forms of Deca are Nor50 and Nor200. The next best thing is Ttokkyo's Deca300....although it is a little difficult for a 1st timer to dose.

    From a Deca only cycle on a 200-400-200 mgs pyramid/taper cycle over 10 weeks, with the right diet and a kick-a workout AND plenty of rest, you can expect to gain and KEEP 20-25+ lbs. It would look something like this:

    (Divide your doses into twice/week)

    Week 1 - 200 mgs/week
    Week 2 - 250 mgs/week
    Week 3 - 300 mgs/week
    Week 4 - 350 mgs/week
    Week 5 - 400 mgs/week
    Week 6 - 400 mgs/week
    Week 7 - 350 mgs/week
    Week 8 - 300 mgs/week
    Week 9 - 250 mgs/week
    Week 10 - 200 mgs/week

    And of course, Clomid week after your last injection take one tab twice/day for 7 days and then 1 tab once/day for 7 days.

    This is a very simple yet effective AND safe cycle for a beginner.

    Now, as for what to buy, I've always felt that Nor50, being 2500 mgs/bottle was a better buy that Nor200, which is 2000 mgs/bottle. With Deca300, you get 3000 mgs/bottle, but again being 300 mgs/ml, it can get a little complicated dosing and drawing it up correctly without over or under drawing into the syringe.

    Another alternative, if you don't want so much mass, but would like 8-10 lbs of hard, solid, dense muscle, is an Equipoise only cycle of the exact same format as written above.

    Good luck and good lifting.....pwrlftr

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    I agree with "Kizer soce"244 is great size bro not to take anything away from you but you might want to cut the bodyfat first. Once you get down to at least 12-14% start your cycle. You be suprised how much bigger and better you will look with lower bodyfat.

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    Hey fellas I would like to thank each and everyone of you for putting me in the right direction. It is really difficult to make educated decisions on subjects of this nature when you have no clue. There would be a hell of alot of newbies injecting themselves blindly and hoping for the best. Keep educating us , it is appreciated more than you think it is.

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