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Thread: scar tissue ?

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    scar tissue ?

    ok,well, im sure dam near everyone here can imagine what it would be like to stick youself with a needle.Not that anyone here on this site would ever do that, because were all saints here and dont do drugs. I was talkin to this guy in the gym today, and he was tellin me about his little trip to the doc.It seems this guy stuck himself in the ass enough times to build up an insane amount of scar tissue, and had to have surgery over it to remove some. Hes not a buddy of mine, so i wasnt gonna ask to many questions about this dudes ass, ya know lol. so how long would this guy had to have been shootin in the cheeks for this to occur?If ya got any suggestions or info on cuttin gear with something else to help, or anything to help lessen this effect other than shootin in other spots, let us know por favor. thanks. lates

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    best way to minimize scar tissue buildup is to use 25gauge and up pinz and to rotate your inject sites, personally, i use delts, tris, bis, thighs, and glutes

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    I've got a friend who's done this for about 10 years. Most of the time he's on the sauce year round. Only shoots in the glutes, and says himself he's got a ton of scar tissue and the needle hurts like hell going in because of it. But he's never had to have ay surgery. But then again, I don't think he ever goes to the doctor either.

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