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    **Does proviron hinder gains, opinions needed**

    Lately I've been doing a lot of reading up on this stuff. I have used it throughout all three of my cycles as an anti e and to also keep my prince Albert working. But i hear so many different IMO's on this some say it blocks the receptors where gear attaches and I've even heard it will potentate your gear by making them bind more through SHBG or something like that. Does anyone know for a fact if it does hinder gains?Because I've never not used !

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    proviron does bind to the androgen receptors....but it is converted to a diol in the muscle before any significant amount has a chance to....but it will give you increased muscle hardness....and its an o.k. anti-gyno substance....

    so no it doesn't effect you AAS ability at the androgen receptor or inhibit gains....viper

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    No. Besides, with anti-e's, the benefits pretty much always outweigh the bad. Take your proviron and I wouldn't worry about it hindering gains.

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