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    dbol, deca, test cyp

    I am starting a cycle next week my gear so far looks like this
    dbol for first 6 weeks to kick it off
    deca 4000mg QV

    the way I am planing to run this cycle is take 300mg of deca every 5 days for 10 weeks while taking TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE along side all the way through. however I never took cypionate before so i am not too sure about the dosages ... I was planing on taking 400mg a week for 10 weeks but something tells me that might be a little underdosed.... how much TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE should i take a week, is 400mg suficient or boost it up to 600mg and get another botle.....
    Please only people with experiance on TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE reply I can read just as well as u can so I dont need book answers i need personal openions from people who tried it .

    I am curently 170LB had an apendectomy a little while back so i lost a lot of weight other then that my body responds really good to other long acting easters.

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    You need to have your test dosage higher than deca throughout this cycle, I would go 500mg/Week of Cyp, run it for 12 weeks, deca for 10 and start pct 2 weeks after last cyp inject.

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